Few people seem to be aware that Nominet, the UK domain registering authority, released the new domain name extension .uk on the 24th June last year. This is described by Nominet themselves as:

"The new .uk domain represents new opportunity online. The domain for a generation of digital pioneers, it is the modern domain for the future - UK values with a global reach. The new .uk domain will be defined by the people who grab it and use this exciting new territory. If you are fearless, forward-facing and ready to be part of the new UK online, this is the domain for you."

As original registrants of the and domain names we have now exercised our rights to register the new .uk version.

We are now actively offering these domains as a matching financial pair available with both .uk and extensions, effectively four premium mortgage domain names.

These domain names are the definitive web addresses for the UK's mortgage industry and as such offer a serious and prestigious natural branding opportunity for a multi billion pound market.

Serious enquiries please, to:-